Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's not funny!

In a balmy 9 degree weather this morning I went outside to scrape the snow and ice off the windows of my jeep. Before I went out here I left strict instructions to get shoes, socks and coats on. Little Dude met me out there. He was ready for school. Little Princess and the baby were still inside. When i went in to get them my Little Princess was so kind enough to lock me out of the house.

I rang the doorbell furiously. She unlocked and opened one of the doors. She peeked around the corner and gave me a giggle. I DID NOT THINK THIS WAS AT ALL FUNNY! I yelled at her that she need to open the screen door NOW! She tried a few times "I can't do it mommy."

I wanted to swear! But that wouldn't be setting a very good example. Instead I just yelled (not so the neighbors could hear me, although I figured they could, but so she knew I meant business) "Mommy doesn't have a way to open the door! You HAVE to keep trying! You should NEVER lock the door when Mommy is outside!!!"

We stood there, me in my coat but still freezing outside, her inside still WITHOUT her shoes and her coat on just laughing. She kept trying but couldn't get the door open. 5 minutes went by and she finally got it open! Little Dude was late for school, she still thinks it was no big deal. ME, on the other hand am still mad that my 3 year old would DO SUCH A THING!

In all reality though, this is the least of the things that she has done in her short little life. Remember that strong will? Everyone keeps saying that it will be a good trait for her to have some day. I will believe it when I see it!


Chefs in Training said...
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Lace said...

eish! This is what I have to look forward to? Heaven knows I lock myself out enough on my own I don't need anymore help than that!

Kim said...

Hehehe, not funny. It has happened to me and laughter is the last that we feel! So sorry!

The Sweet Life said...

I'll bet she got a kick out of watching you freeze-but it does make for a funny story. I did locked my whole family out of the house when I was really young, and they ended up having to break a basement window to get back in!