Sunday, January 06, 2008

2:00 am Ramblings from a Booger Covered Brain

Yes, it is 2:00 AM! No, I didn't take the job with the paper route. I am trying to get stuff done. The worst part about being sick all week and being lazy is that all the things that I had to get done by this Sunday didn't get done by it's self. Young Women Newsletter's, Calendars, and my lesson which I decided to MAKE UP A GAME (who does that?) doesn't automatically get done when your brain is gummed up with boogers.

I was on a roll an hour or so ago, getting it all wrapped up, then the baby woke up. TO PLAY, he wasn't tired, he wasn't hungry, he just wanted hang out I guess. Then the tv was left on to Rob and Big, (one of the funniest shows on the planet) and I just can't get into my groove again.

Why did I decide to blog all this right now? Who knows!

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