Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Barking Sea Lion and Drinks from a Coconut

Me: "I brought 'my little man' here to see you (Doctor) because I was concerned about his recent cough and hoarse voice. He was up all night long and it sounded like he was just gasping for air."

Doctor: "Does it sound like a barking sea lion?"

Me: That isn't exactly what came to mind first but come to think of it "Yea, it actually does sound like that."

Doctor: " Your poor little guy has the croup. Unfortunately he has it pretty bad so we will have to give him a dose of steroid before he leaves. Other things you might want to try is run hot water in the shower to steam up the bathroom. Sit in there with him and let him breath in the steam. Or you can bundle up and sit on the front porch and let him breath the cold air. Since it is supposed to be like 3 degrees tonight, I personally would sit in the bathroom with my swimming suit on and pretend I am on a vacation. Turn on the Beach Boys, get a nice drink and just hang out."

Little Princess pipes up and sings: "You put the lime in the coconut...."

The doctor thought that was SO funny that when he sent in the nurse, he told her to ask my little princess where you put the lime. They all got a kick out of it!

In case you are wondering that was REALLY what the doctor said. Have I told anyone how much I like this doctor? He is totally cool! Unfortunately my little man sounds terrible. I hope that he starts to feel better soon because 1) I feel like I am in the zoo watching the sea lions and 2) He is just too little to be so sick.


mommyoffour said...

I agree, he is too little to be so sick! I love the pic below, he is getting so big and is so stinkin' cute! Good luck, hope he is better soon!

Jenni said...

That cracks me up... your kids are really cute! I'm sorry little man has croup- That is not fun! My older son had it really bad last year. Luckily he got over it pretty fast after we went into the instacare. :)

Who is your dr?

Lace said...

Your doctor sounds hillarious! I hope your little sea lion gets feeling better, that's the sadest thing ever when they're so little and so miserable!

Robin and Stephenie said...

Oh that is too funny! I think you should film her so we can all see it,