Thursday, January 17, 2008

She loves her Daddy!

For those of you that don't care about reading my potty training tips, here is a little something that my Princess said tonight.

Her daddy loves to paint her nails. It is SUPER cute! You can actually see a post here of him doing it a few years ago. It really is so cute!

Tonight he was going ALL out with bling and custom details and everything. They were in the bathroom for over an hour. When she came out and showed them to me she loved them and was so proud. In her cute voice she said "When I get big and the day I get married, daddy is going to paint my nails."

I am totally going to hold her to it! I think that her daddy would be so proud to paint her nails on her wedding day. Too bad in 20 years or so she probably won't let him do it any more!


Kim said...

How utterly adorable is this?

Aubrey said...

That is adorable, I laughed the first time Jillian asked Brandon to paint her toe an finger nails. But he did it, and Jillian loved it. So fun!