Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Poor Little Dude! *updated*

***Notice: This post might be a little gross for some people. If it is too much, don't watch the video.

My Little Dude has had a wart on his thumb forever now. We have had it frozen off I think 3 times now. Every time it gets bigger, and more nasty. One time it got really infected while trying to heal after it was frozen off and had to go on medication. It has been a very traumatic experience for him. I feel so bad for him!Every time it grows back he gets really disappointed. The last time I had the Doctor look at it had recommended that we go to see a Dermatologist. I had talked to Little Dude about this and he is really excited to see if the new doctor can get it off. Gross I know.

The other day I was flipping through the channels on TV and was this show called "Half Man, Half Tree" on TLC and I just had to stop and watch what it was all about. When the show came on I was thrown back by what I saw. It was intriguing, yet sad. The kids were playing and it wasn't really graphic so I just watched it for a bit. Well actually a bit turned into the entire show, I was glued to the TV. They were trying to explain what was wrong with this man and apparently little dude heard that part.

After he heard what they said about why this man looked like and that it was caused because of warts, Little Dude looked at me and asked if he was going to look like that because of his wart. IT BROKE MY HEART! I told him no because he had more problems than just a wart, and that I will call and make an appointment to get his taken off AGAIN. So we are heading to the Dermatologist this afternoon to see what he can do. Next time I will save shows like this for when the kids are in bed!


We went to his appointment and got a crazy new treatment. Hopefully it will work, but I felt a little strange carrying a bottle labeled POISON wrapped up in a rubber glove (they say if it broke it would be contained and not infect anyone) in my purse. My hubby will have to apply said poison every night for weeks up to months until it is gone. I can not touch it though. Too dangerous for a nursing mom I guess. He is resting peacefully now, knowing that he will not turn into a tree. :)


Aubrey said...

Oh my goodness, poor kid. Hopefully it goes away soon.

Cassie said...

Poor little guy. Ok, Shannon, call me before you go to the dermatologist. My mom got this stuff from hers, it's way too long of a story to type out, but it took my brothers away that he had on his lip FOREVER! But you MUST be careful how you use it!

Kim said...

So sad...hopefully they will be able to get rid of it for good. It is so hard to see our littles suffer!

Robin and Stephenie said...

This "stuff" your using worked for my dad. If it is the same stuff it worked great!