Monday, January 14, 2008

Pampered Chef Party

Everyone is invited to a Pampered Chef Party!

Where? Right here of course! Just click on this link and start shopping!

When? The party closes on Jan. 26th so you have a few weeks to shop around.

Why here? Because the Stoneware is 20% off!!!! And I wasn't able to host a party at my house, but I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to get this great deal! So if you decide to purchase anything make sure that it is under my catalog party so I get credit for it. You don't have to live in my area to purchase anything either!

Just to help you out a little, let me share with you a few essentials that I have in my kitchen. First there is thisI use it for everything! It is such a good size to have. I absolutely love it!

I have this too, and it is so fun to make homemade pizza, cinnamon rolls, or even cookies.

Then I have a few of these. I also use this all the time. With cookies, pies, cakes just about with everything really.

The last time I bought something from Pampered Chef I bought these, and I am really tempted to just throw away all the other spatulas and spoons that I have for cooking, because these are my favorite.

I have a few of these too!

Then there is this! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THESE! We have to actually have two in our house at all times. The kids love to mix up the punch, and to honest, before we had kids my hubby and I would fight over who got to mix it up. IT IS JUST THAT MUCH FUN!

AND THIS! I don't just use it for strawberries. I have used it for olives, eggs, fruit, water chestnuts, and anything else that needs to be sliced. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I have MANY other things too, but these are just a few things to get you started.

I do have a wish list that has been growing over the last year or so. Things like this:

And this:This one is actually $15.50 now! WHAT A GREAT DEAL!

This is another thing I have wanted:

And This too:

There are many other things that I would love to have too, but I think that you get the point.

So if you are interested in anything here, go check out the site and place your order. Or if you want to host a party too let me know, and I will let my consultant know! They are so much fun and you get free stuff. Which is why I want to have a party, so shop, shop, shop my friends!

If you have any questions or have any problems ordering just email and let me know.


Lace said...

Hi, thanks for your comment, you are very sweet! I just thought I would share with you MY all time favorite kitchen tool and it IS from Pampered Chef. It's the Mix 'N Chop. It's plastic so it won't scratch your pans (I get in trouble if I even look like I'm going to go near a pan with a fork!), but we use it for EVERYTHING. It's great to break up hamburger meat and we even use it on chicken. We use it to stir frozen drinks, everything. LOVE IT! Really do! There's my advertisement... oh and it can be yours too for only $9!

Reed Photographic said...

I went and ordered some stuff - but it didn't give me a discount on the stoneware - not sure why.

Kim said...

If I wasn't so poor I would be all over this. Good luck with your show I LOVE PC!