Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Brown Bag

Last night at our Young Women's activity we had a "Brown Bag" activity. Everyone was to bring a brown bag full of things that represent who we are. It was so much fun getting to know all the girls and even the leaders more.

I really struggled with what I was going to put in my bag though. I don't really know why, but talking about myself sometimes stresses me out. I feel that I come across as a rebel, and I am totally uninteresting. I realized though, I am who I am and it doesn't really matter what I put in my bag. I also realized that even though I may be a rebel, I am a rebel that has been contained. So here is what I put in my bag:

1- My bike helmet. I we used to go mountain biking all the time, and it is something that I really enjoyed. It is also something that I wish I did more.

2- My snowboarding goggles. I also used to do this all the time too, but haven't been in years. It just costs too much money to go now.

3- My apron. I really do like to cook, except when I have to. I like to try new recipes.

4- My portfolio. Photography is a big part of my life. I love it, and love to be able to share my talents with others.

5- A screen shot of my blog. Believe it or not, I love to post things here. I love to think of new things to post, and I love to make new friends through blogging. The best part is to get comments and see what people are thinking too.

6- A little race car. I like to watch drag racing, and I like cars.

7- My personal progress book. I didn't finish my personal progress when I was in Young Women's so I have made it a goal to work on it while I serving in the presidency.

8- My Guitar Hero game. I am addicted to playing guitar hero! I also have played the guitar since I was little. I even used to teach lessons.

What would you put in your brown bag?

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Lace said...

Wow! That sounds like a fun activity! I'm in yw's too I will have to suggest that one! Really makes you think about who you see yourself as. I realize I see myself a lot differently than most people see me. What would I put in my bag? colored pencils, my ipod, & baby diapers! :) That probably describes me best art, music, & being a mommy!