Sunday, January 20, 2008

Peeing Asleep - Again

I have been bragging about my potty training techniques, they work don't get me wrong, but my kids are still kids. They do have an occasional accident. Little Princess just has those problems with not being able to get her panties down fast enough. Little Dude though has a much bigger problem. There is the time that we had to stop on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere to let him go. He thought that was pretty cool so once it got warm outside he thought that it was ok to do that in the back yard all the time.

There was another time that he snuck out to the jeep just before we were going to leave somewhere. I couldn't find him for awhile, but I happened to walk by the jeep and hear him and his sister in there. I opened the door and his sister told me that he had peed in the car. He had done what I like to call "Fire Hosed" it ALL OVER MY JEEP. You can read about the entire story here. Apparently he had to go but had locked himself in the jeep.

There was this time that he got up to pee during the night and he ended up peeing while he was asleep. Lucky for all of us he made it into the toilet, but the fact that he forgot to turn on the light while he was going then turned it on when he was leaving we pretty funny to us.

Unfortunately a few nights after that he got up to go pee in the night again and ended up peeing in the garbage can next to the toilet. If I could just get him to WAKE up while he pees I don't think there would even be a problem.

But I have come to realize that there may be a little problem. The other night he had been asleep for hours. I hear him get up and walk around for a bit, then nothing. I thought that he just went back to bed. A little bit later he came into me crying because some how he had wet the bed. He has actually never had a problem with that so I felt really bad for him. Until I investigated the scene then I felt even worse for him. I really am not sure what happened but this is my theory:

He must have gotten out of bed to go.

Then walked around his room thinking he was heading into the bathroom.

Again thinking he was in the bathroom turned to his bed and dropped his drawers.

Then I think that he walked around a bit more and climbed into bed.

His clothes were not really all that wet. His bed, sheets, floor, pillow, night table, and comforter were SOAKED!!!! He doesn't remember anything about it. What he will never forget is that while we cleaned his bed and mattress and stuff he had to sleep with his sister in her bed. He does NOT like that at all.


Suzanne said...

That sounds exciting! Poor guy...poor mommy!

Oh the adventures of potty training!!!

Cassie said...

Poor little guy. Kind of funny that he went in his bed, though. We always here the story about Tim's dad, who got up to go one night, when he was a wee little lad, of course. The next morning his brother was putting on his boots and SPLASH! Pee. Right in his boot. Nice aim, I though.

Rising Rainbow said...

What is it with little boys? I can understand being locked in the Jeep but the fire hose routine, gimme a break. It must be attached to that Y gene. lol